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    Facebook Ain’t The Problem

    So, I completely understand Facebook has done some pretty shitty things lately. I am in no way trying to absolve them of any of it. HOWEVER.. If you didn’t have any idea that the ability to use such an incredible tool as Facebook without paying for it would have some caveats then you’re a moron. If you willingly gave private information so you could play Scrabble, Candy Crush or to find out who your celebrity stalker crush is that’s on you pal. Facebook is a big corporation that makes a lot of money. It doesn’t make that money from you posting pictures of your cat or reconnecting with aunt Edna.…

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    The Right’s Hypocrisy on Gun Control

    Recent reports suggest that North Korea is signaling a potential willingness attend talks over its nuclear weapons program. At the first hint of that possibility, many on the right began celebrating this as a victory for President Trump. Twitter erupted in predictions for Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize. All while ignoring the many times in recent history that North Korea has misled and lied about negotiations. Take for instance the last inter-Korean talks in 2007, which ended with a historic peace agreement signed by both nations that stated: “South and North Korea agree on [the] need to end the current armistice and establish permanent peace.” At the time,…

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    To My Friends; Thanks for Sharing Your Dad With Me

    For a kid growing up without a dad you sometimes find yourself, usually subconsciously, bonding with surrogates. Personally that was the case for me. The fact that I didn’t know my father growing up didn’t mean there weren’t strong, good men in my life. Even if they didn’t know it, each of them played a vital role in who I am today and who I am becoming daily. One of those men was Ken Cooke. Ken was the father of one of my middle/high school pal Patrick. Ken was one of those guys who you liked the moment you met him. It was his warm and sincere personality and ability…

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    4 Painful Ways That Depression Destroyed My Marriage

    Today I am happier than I have ever been in my life. That’s not exaggeration or hyperbole; it is the absolute truth. My wife and I communicate with each other about everything, nothing is off limits or held back. While I don’t think a perfect marriage exists, ours is pretty damn good. That wasn’t always the case. In fact, for a while, I lost all of it. ◊♦◊ Go back a decade, to a few years after we were first married. The honeymoon period was over, and life had begun to truly set in. We had just had our second son, and due to some complications with his birth the…

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    5 Obstacles to Success and Happiness That I Overcame

    For most of my life, I just accepted what came to me. I worked hard and moved through the ranks of my chosen profession. With that plan I did ok. I got several promotions and increased my income modestly over the years. I was a steady, efficient, and capable workhorse. But I was just, OK. I saw people around me and on television who were doing things, different things. The type of things I never considered possible for me. They were building businesses, becoming media moguls, traveling around the world. The only thing I was doing was helping others build their dreams and lifestyle. Mainly because I just didn’t see…

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    My Son’s Simple Answer to This Question Broke My Heart

    — As someone who has fought my own depression and anxiety, I never realized how it affected those around me. I also never knew how noticeable it was to those in my life. It wasn’t until I began to get treatment myself that I found out how visible it was in others. What scares the hell out of me is when I recognize signs of it in my kids. No matter how slight they may appear to others, each one is a serious event to me. The differences make them individuals, and it also has made me develop new parenting skills as each of them crosses into a new stage.…

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    In a World of Bullies, be a Real Man

    Embed from Getty Images //embed.gettyimages.com/embed/493339791?et=akkBISg1RzBvsnMs_MrkAg&viewMoreLink=off&sig=SQdyNBjco7P_mHple77X7ZWTFKqL3U2bWOuKQKn2k5A= — It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for me. Indeed it has been a time that I continue to be disappointed in my fellow men. Not the generic word man as in “mankind” but the very specific “male,” variety of our species. I keep asking myself the same question, “when will we grow up?” My oldest son has been dealing with a group of bullies at school for the better part of a year. They tease him with cursing and insults. Calling him a “fag” and telling him he isn’t good enough to go out for sports. They gang up on him in a…

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    5 Steps For Guys To Regain Career Happiness

    The story is the same for many, you graduated, started a job, it turned into a career. You’ve been successful, and you’re good at what you do. You provide for your family, you’re respected, and you are depended on. It seems you have everything under control and everything you want in life. Awards, recognition, and an annual raises are all regular occurrences in your life.  The problem is you’re miserable. This certainly isn’t the faults of our families, and it isn’t the fault of the companies. Where did we go wrong, when did this happen, why do we feel trapped? I’ve done everything I thought I was supposed to do…

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    4 Things A Man Battling Depression Can’t Say

    Over the course of my life especially before I started to get treatment I have had times that depression and anxiety would almost completely shut me down. I was still able to appear alive and well but inside there wasn’t anything but what could only be described as terror. The kind of fear that only allows you to see doom and everything in life ending badly. It’s not a great feeling at all, but the effect it had on those around me was just as difficult for me to take. My wild mood swings put strains even on the best relationships. It was usually written off as moodiness or just…

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    Five Ways to Tell You’re Not a Complete Screw Up as a Dad

    Five Ways to Tell You’re Not a Complete Screw Up as a Dad Most nights I come home from work and the house quickly erupts into chaos, if it isn’t in that shape before I get home. Three sons all under the age of 13 tend to bring that type of atmosphere. A full-time job and a wife that is heavily involved in the kids school and sporting activities means we are all busy and at times overwhelmed. Then add the fact that we are currently hosting an exchange student from Italy and you understand we are a busy family. Finding quality time for each other at times is hard,…

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